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Premium Online Hydrogen Sulfide Training

Our Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness online training program contains much of the same information as the H2S Alive course but should not be used as a replacement for H2S Alive classroom training. Our course is 100% online with no need to ever step foot in a classroom.

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Online H2S Training

Our unique ONLINE SAFETY TRAINING SYSTEM is designed so your employees can learn from home or on the job. Easy to use, internet based training will significantly lower your training costs, and give you more time to spend in the field observing and changing behaviour.

Employees can learn at their own pace from any computer with internet access. Our courses are interesting and informative. They also meet the most current regulatory requirements so you can rest assured you will be in compliance. It should be noted that this Awareness Course is not the H2S Alive course.

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